Resurrection of the Crud

Should we bring it back to life?

Surfing is like AmPm....there's too much good stuff.

Case in point.


"Do You Like Rock n Roll?"

Can't get enough of this shit lately. Been mixing it up between The Lizard and the Phil Spector Christmas album. Got to stay balanced. These are some rad live performances of two good ones, Bloody Mary and Wheelchair Epidemic. Gets me pumped to play around in the cold ocean.


And fuck you I'm out

I quit this blog so you can follow my self destruction at http://reallygoodatpartying.tumblr.com/. Don't check it now because it's barely rolling but check back soon.


fuck yesss!

for the seal homies

thanks drewbob!



I know i posted about this like 3 summers ago but.... TA-HA is finally here. My buddy Don Luong has been working on this for quite a while and I can't wait to see it. If you got nothing else going on cruise down to the Art Theater and check it out, its gonna be fun.


I Know What I'm Doin for New Years...

On a scale of 1 to 10 how bad does this sound? I'm gonna go ahead and say 8, as my 10 was a Wolfenguts (Orange County death metal, check it out man...and don't be fooled by their location which says "inside your girlfriends pussy, CA"...they really are from Orange County!) show I attended at the Galaxy circa 2005, and believe me nothing will ever top it as far as awful shows are concerned in my book. Donavon, Timmy, Tom, since you're reading this I'd just like to say, sure your music sounds fine around the campfire, but it really need not be taken further than that. Thanks.


waterman is a gay kook

an all time favorite.


Scratching The Surface

Shiiiiit Yea


The Best Kind of Mail

Huntington Beach, good for the cliffs and records...and that's about it.

Good jam, crappy video, but if you imagine the singer as one of the McPoyle brothers from Always Sunny then it's a lil' better. I never realized this band was on Subpop until recently, I guess that explains where all the retarded but bangable "indie" broads came from.


everyyyy once in awhile if i get real good an' bored i'll troll the surfermag message board. The banter is hilarious and you find gems like this. Double click this shit.


text of the week


Great Roc Doc

Long but really interesting


This is a good segment...

Chimp v. Frog

I was going to ask for a fleshlight this holiday season, but this has got me thinking I may just ask for a pet frog instead...my deepest apologies if this video is old and not funny anymore.


"Basically, I want to weed out all of the fuckheads who were here just to socialize and be seen. I could come out and say I love everyone, but that’s bullshit. I despise phonies—they’re all made of papier mâché and I hope they fucking die.”
-Alexis Marshall

Funny. I feel the same way about surfin




John John is Good Good

Fuck Kolohe, it's all about John John Florence. I always knew this kid was better than me since he was born, but he is a real bad ass now. He surfs with insane confidence. He has a cool, smooth style punctuated by his charging attitude. In this clip he is surfing some big, whompy waves on the North Shore and making them his bitch. He skips around on these waves like he is surfing 4ft Lowers or something. John John is Good Good.

not surf related!


Oprah's Favorite Things 2010
Uploaded by TheDlisted. - Full seasons and entire episodes online.


Svrf & Destroy Goes To San Onofre

This is pretty damn close to the real thing. Bros, brews, boards and dog poop. Enjoy.


- source http://vacuumthevoid.blogspot.com/, Nevadas quitting the blog shit too now. dragggg


Air Jordy

I surfed with Jordy Smith this morning out at 56th in Newport. It was not very good and it was foggy. I was having fun on my little egg in the uncrowded peelers when he paddled around the jetty. I said to myself, "Oh shit, that is Jordy Smith." I immediately lost any notion that I might be "ripping." The dude is huge. I know he is quite a bit younger than me and I felt like a little grom next to him. Anyways, we exchanged a few words about the crappy conditions and that was that. Was he nice? Sure. He did two big airs right in my face on waves that were less than marginal. Then of course, some guy with a beer gut and a fun board paddles up and starts peeing all over the place like an excited puppy. Jordy looked annoyed and flattered at the same time. I know he is a celebrity of sorts, but actually surfing right next to the guy really put things into perspective. He is just a dude who happens to surf way better than you and I. I guess that old dude is the reason Jordy can be so successful with surfing, but come on. Chill out. I just don't get star-struck anymore. Especially not with pro surfers. This clip is of him doing a rad rodeo flip. I hate Red Bull and Kolohe Andino is a dork, but other than that, Jordy rips.


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