Eric Christenson

My brother and I went over to EC's house today to order some new sleds.

I ordered a 9'3" Diamond tail Mod Sled. Single fin box (black). No leash plug. Sand finish. No color. Whatever logos EC wants, which will probably be none on the bottom and the bike logo on the deck. Six-Double-Six glassing. Should be sick. I think the dims are about 22.5" x 2 7/8"

My brother ordered a 5'7" Frodo bat-tail quad. Future fin boxes with Speeddialer turbos. No Color. Sand finish. Same exact dims as my Frankenstein board. EC said he has tweaked the design a bit, so it should be rad to compare and contrast the two sleds for him.


Anyways, EC had a stack of boards in the corner he has for sale. Here are some of them.

5'4" Bat Tail Twin Bat-Keel with art work by Randy Noborikawa. His other website is El Sugar Skull.

The fins are hand foiled baltic birch marine plywood. EC said it takes about a solid hour foil one of these fins....and he busted the tips off of three of them before he ended up with two.

This board is ready to ride. Functional art.

$1,800. Email surf.destroy@gmail.com for details or give EC a call @ 949.872.7013

The other board he had was a 5'9"x21" x 2.5" EPS Frodo Bat-tail quad. FCS fusion fin boxes.

I have a 5'7" Frodo and it is one of my favorite boards. My brother loves mine and he ordered one too. Douche McGregor just ordered a 5'8". A choice sled.

$500. Email surf.destroy@gmail.com for details or give EC a call @ 949.872.7013

Buy a board. Support local craftsmen. I'll even throw in a sixer of homebrew.

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